Sunday, November 11, 2007

Statue of the man in the street (2006)

Because of the enormous size of the pedestal and the tiny size of the statue (a bit higher than 1 cm)
the statue can not be admired. Unless from the balkony of the city hall.* Several versions had come up during the planning. According to one of the ideas passers-by could go inside the pedestal, which is covered with mirrors all the way round its walls and its roof is made of glass. This way people could see themselves multiplied and the statue of the man in the street from below. Finally it was erected in the square in front of the city hall. The size proportional, inverse replica of the base of the two flagpoles in the square became the postament.
(* a nice contribution to the work that it turned out at the opening of the monument
that the mayor of the city was serving his term for embezzlement.)

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